Seweave is a sewing cooperative that works with Kente fabrics.


How did sewing school start?

In 2019 a group of women decided to take up the craft of sewing and have their first income. Thanks to funds we were able to raise, we built a sewing workshop, bought the first machines and hired Gladys to teach the group how to sew.


How does the cooperative work?

It has been a difficult few years where the pandemic forced the workshop to close and many women had to leave it. We now have two teachers, Gladys and Gifty, who teach at different levels. They make products to sell in the market and thus obtain income to invest in material.


How is the first collection?

Thanks to Sara and Pati, two volunteers who have been living in Aklobotonu for a long time, we have been able to make products with Kente fabric. It is a fabric that the men of the community weave and that we buy at a fair price, thus improving the conditions of their work. The collection has a great value since both the material and the working hours are very high.