Fighting the digital divide thanks to the installation of 20 HP computers.


How did the project start?

First, we detected the complex problems: lack of empowerment, misinformation about the right to education and solutions to their problems. Ghana offers support and has laws that support education, they even have an IT subject, but they cannot access this information. 
They speak Ewé and the official language is English. Most of them are illiterate and they don't have the means to access this information. 
That is why we have designed this project. 


The aim of the project

To attack the root of the problems through information technology.



By setting up a classroom with computers and furniture, connecting the infrastructure to the internet, hiring and training teachers and creating an internet connection service.


The benefits of the project

- Include the subject of IT in the school year.
- The use of computers in the English subject.
- Offering extracurricular classes for adults
- Providing internet access to the inhabitants of the village.

This is a viable project thanks to the support of HP, special thanks to Josep Pomés.